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Open Position Chords and Transitions

In this lesson you will learn how to work past those hesitations and pauses between chord transitions by finding common fingers and pivot points. The four chords used as an example are G, C, D7 and Eminor, which are the most common shapes found in beginner guitar songs. These exercises will help you leap from one chord to the next in no time!

Three strum patterns that will work for (almost) every song!

Looking to learn the basics of how to strum your guitar? In this lesson I focus on how to hold a pick, strum the strings down and up, and counting rhythm. I also cover 3 strum patterns that work great for most basic chord progressions that will make you feel like your instantly making music, even if it's the first time you've ever played!

Three Exercises that will help you play barre chords

Want to build your finger strength to work towards playing that elusive F major barre chord? In this lesson I will show you proper hand posture so that you can make all of the notes ring out without injuring yourself. I also cover 3 simple exercises, that if practiced daily for a few minutes, will have you strumming that full F chord in no time.

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