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Two Finger Barre Chords - Free the Ring and Pinky

Learn how to grab more lush sounding barre chords in this lesson with just two fingers. These chords are easier to grab than your usual barre chords and they also free up the ring and pinky for use as melodic and embellished phrases.

Get your lead guitar chops together with these 5 pentatonic scales!

Learn how to find your way around the fretboard and increase your chops with the most important scale in rock, blues and jazz music. In this lesson I will teach you the five shapes needed to navigate in any key for you to solo or riff.

Learn how to play any major or minor chord with barre chords

With four chord shapes and 12 notes, you can have access to any major or minor chord with this lesson and a bit of practice. I will teach you where the four shapes come from and how to find the note name on the fret board with your 5th and 6th string.

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