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A little bit about my lessons:

I’ve been teaching guitar players for 10 years to students of all ages and levels, and the most important thing to me is the teacher/student relationship. I want my students to get the most enjoyment out of playing music by reaching their goals and beyond. I didn’t start playing guitar until later in life myself, so I remember what it is like to pick up an instrument for the first time and I always encourage the pursuit of playing no matter what the age or natural ability. 


Being a performer, on top of my teaching schedule, I bring much of my musical experience to the lesson room from the most important place, the band stand. To hear my students' thoughts and testimonials CLICK HERE.


Why one on one lessons are the best lessons:

Everyone learns differently and at their own pace, and a good teacher will always be able to cater the lesson to each student’s needs. There are thousands of tutorials and websites that offer lots information and promises of improvement, but nothing will ever compare to the benefits of an exchange of ideas between two people. Working alongside a teacher can help point out technical issues unique to each student, and questions that a student has can be answered immediately. Having an experienced teacher to guide you is the best way to improve and accomplish your goals on the guitar.


I do in-person lessons in the New York City area:

I do lessons at my studio in Manhattan. I also travel within an hour radius to do in-home lessons if you prefer. There are extra instruments at my studio that you are more than welcome to use if you don’t want to bring your own guitar. Spots are limited, so if you’d like to set up a trial lesson and reserve a time, just CLICK HERE.  

Why Skype lessons are a good thing:

Skype lessons can save you time, money and are convenient. No time is wasted traveling to the lesson location. You can enjoy playing your guitar in the comfort of your own home. Plus you save money not paying for studio rental costs and travel expenses. To schedule a Skype lesson with me CLICK HERE.


How to start lessons with me:

Shoot me a message HERE with the following information:

1) Do you prefer a 30 minute, 45 minute or 60 minute lesson?

2) Do you want an in-home or studio lessons in the New York City area, or a Skype lesson?

3) What are your goals and what music sparks your desire to play?


I will respond with a price quote and availability to set up a lesson (First two lessons are always buy one get one FREE!). I have package deals for multiple lessons and highly encourage taking a lesson once a week for the most improvement…plus it’ll give you motivation to practice knowing that another lesson is coming up.  

What you will need for your guitar lessons:

- A guitar 

- Paypal or Venmo (cash or check are also accepted)

- For Skype lessons you will need high speed internet, a webcam/microphone, and of course the Skype app (which you can download by clicking here)

What I teach:

Technique: Feel like your chops are holding you back? I can help you with practice routines and exercises, as well as address any technique issues that are stopping you from reaching your full potential


Songs: Playing through an entire song is the most rewarding thing about playing guitar. Whether you just want to be able to strum campfire songs or are aspiring to master a difficult piece, I can break each part down and work through the music with you so you can play it to the best of your ability


Theory: Want to improve your understanding of how chords, scales and rhythm work within music? I can teach you in a practical way to help you understand the building blocks of how music is built


Composition and Songwriting: Do you want help writing your own music but don’t know where to start? Just like learning to play, writing takes practice too and I can help you start creating your own music by providing you with the tools and tricks to break past that blank canvas

Studio and  Cancellation Policy:

For full cancellation and make-up lesson policy, click here.

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